Processing Orlando Art + Tech Showcase – David Thomas Moran, #DangerousbyDesign

Published on Dec 23, 2013

#DangerousbyDesign — Gaming Hostile Urban Landscapes Through Play: Smart Phone technology has created new opportunities for critical play in the 21st century transforming city streets into real-world game environments. Players can now interact with one another and their surroundings simultaneously online in the virtual world and offline in the physical, urban landscape. Such location-based gaming has the transformative potential to creatively and systemically engage players with the urban design of their communities. Urban, mobile games can serve as playful, community tools to collaboratively help identify existing design problems/structural barriers as well potential solutions to bring about needed changes. The Transit Interpretation Project (TrIP) and @DeadQuareWalking are two examples of conceptual urban, mobile games/ location-based games.

Processing Orlando’s Art + Tech Showcase happened on December 17th, 2013 at Envy Labs in Orlando, Florida. Details:…

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