@deadquarewalking featured in 2014 Different Games Arcarde

Different Games 2014: @deadquarewalking by David Thomas Moran


@deadquarewalking is an auto-ethnographic, documentary game that follows the 24-hour journey of a street photographer wandering Orlando’s #dangerousbydesign, urban landscape on Halloween 2013. Taking on the role of both artist and curator, players are challenged to visualize the photographer’s journey on their own creative terms as they use hashtags to generate unique collages of phone images and video captured during the photographer’s trek via Instagram. @deadquarewalking was developed in 2013-2014 by UCF Emerging Media M.F.A. graduate student David Thomas Moran and UCF School of Visual Arts & Design professor Dr. J. Michael Moshell.

Play @deadquarewalking

David Thomas Moran is a writer, street photographer, game designer and digital media artist/scholar. His creative work mostly focuses on public, street life, pedestrianism and community mobility throughout the Orlando metropolitan region. David’s phone photography was recently featured by The Orlandoan blog in a photo essay titled “Orlando Days+Nights.” He is a participating artist and the Operations Director for the Transit Interpretation Project (TrIP). He writes regularly for Central Florida’s LGBTQ+ current events magazine Watermark. In May 2014, David will graduate with an Emerging Media M.F.A. from the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) School of Visual Arts & Design (SVAD).

davidthomasmoran.wordpress.com / @wideanglefocus

davidthomasmoranAbout Different Games:

Different Games is an annual student and volunteer-lead conference on diversity and inclusivity in games presented by NYU School of Engineering’s Integrated Digital Media Program in partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Digital Media Program

As game designers, academics, journalists and players operate in separate spheres, we see Different Games as an opportunity to share across and outside of professional boundaries. By presenting games, scholarship and hands-on workshops engaged with issues of diversity and inclusion we seek to build new connections and foster a unique dialogue between artistic, academic and commercial practice. We welcome folks from all corners of the games community invested in games as creative, critical tools and committed to seeing games reflect the complexity, depth and diversity of all involved.

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