“In the documentary world…we can learn a lot from gaming logic. Both worlds are ready to merge now — the game industry and the documentary world.” ~David Dufresne


A documentary in the form of an interactive video game, “Fort McMoney” chronicles life in Fort McMurray, Alberta, a Canadian oil industry boomtown.

Below is an excerpt from the article “Where Film Marries Video Game” via The New York Times…

The game element of “Fort McMoney” involves no shooting and no acrobatics. Instead, it is inspired by SimCity, the influential community-building game from the designer Will Wright.

Mr. Dufresne, a lifelong gamer who coded a text-based adventure at the age of 14, said that Mr. Wright’s concept was all about capitalism and provided a synergy between documentary and game. “Capitalism is the biggest game in the world,” Mr. Dufresne said. “Everyone plays it every day. And Fort McMurray is the most capitalist city in the world. That’s why we call it ‘Fort McMoney.’ ”

Those employed in Fort McMurray’s oil industry can earn, on average, 178,000 Canadian dollars a year. But Mr. Dufresne, a Paris-born former journalist for the left-leaning newspaper Libération, noted that “a teacher and a doctor were showing up at a food bank because they couldn’t afford meals.”

For Mr. Wright, a founder of Syntertainment, a company whose goal is to blend reality with entertainment, reading about issues is one thing. Being in the driver’s seat “to make decisions yourself,” he said by email, allows for something deeper. Though he had not yet seen the final version of “Fort McMoney,” he said, “Games are becoming an important part of our way of seeing the world.”

The creators of “Fort McMoney” hope that people see their effort as far more than a gimmick.

“My goal was that the game should never get in the way of the narrative; it should complement it,” said Guillaume Perrault, one of the project’s game designers.”

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